This section serves as a helpful primer, introducing you to what a RPN career is all about, explaining how you begin a career as a RPN, RPNs describing their own careers and more.

  • What is a RPN?
    Registered Practical Nurses are knowledge-based professionals working in a variety of health care settings.
  • How do I become an RPN?
    Are you thinking about embarking on a nursing career? Do you have the right courses to begin this journey?
  • Career Conversations
    Meet some of Ontario’s RPNs and hear them describe their career paths in their own voices.
  • Career Profiles
    Learn more about the exciting careers, accomplishments and the journeys these individuals have taken to become the nurse they are today.
  • RPN Careers Job Board
    RPNAO's dedicated source for connecting Registered Practical Nurses with employers in Ontario. RPNs can search and apply to exciting career opportunities across the province.