RPNAO Courses and Career Development Opportunities:

This section provides a brief description of courses and events offered by RPNAO to help you develop your career. It also includes links for you to register for the various courses and events.

RPNAO Courses

Part One: Leadership- An Introduction

Overview: The Leadership Course has been developed and will be available for RPNs and other healthcare professionals through RPNAO’s online learning system. This course is designed to provide participants with education and tools to support leadership development.

Patient Centred Care

Overview: Critical examination of patient centred care in nursing at the system and individual levels to help increase understanding of patient centred care at the individual RPN level. Personal reflection on the role of nurses in patient centred care are examined, focusing on the individual role of the practical nurse.

Part Two: Leadership in Practice, Influencing Change

Overview: The Nursing Policy course is designed to provide learners with education and tools to support an understanding of the role of nurses in influencing health care transformation.

RPNAO Professional Development Opportunities

RPNAO’s membership provides nurses with many opportunities to attend quality conferences that support professional development. The annual RPNAO Educator and AGM Conferences are just two examples of great networking and educational forums you should consider scheduling into your calendar.

Presentation Toolkit
The toolkit was specifically designed to provide tutorials and guidelines to assist with the initial application process and to provides tools to support participants in disseminating information about their projects. Watch select toolkit presentations directly in your browser, complete with animation and sound.

Presentation Toolkit

How to Prepare an Abstract:
How to Write a  Proposal:
Poster Presentation - Part 1:
Poster Presentation - Part 2:


Professional Development Supports

Nursing Education Initiative

In March 1999, the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care announced the establishment of a nurse training and education fund for RNs and RPNs in response to the Nursing Task Force's earlier recommendations. RPNAO is delighted to be involved with this important initiative.

The NEI fund provides ongoing funding to nurses to increase their knowledge and professional skills to enhance quality of care and services provided within Ontario.

If you are undertaking professional development course(s) and/or program(s), you are eligible for reimbursement of up to $1500.