RPNAO has introduced a number of strategies and initiatives to help keep RPNs engaged and involved in the nursing profession for years to come. Over the past year, we conducted ambitious research to help shed light on the factors impacting retention of RPNs in Ontario.

The results of these surveys and focus groups were clear. First, it was evident that RPNAO needed to continue its important focus on retention. And second, Ontario’s RPNs were expressing a keen interest in developing their careers, moving into leadership roles, etc.

To help address these needs, RPNAO is pleased to provide public access to Career Directions. Career Directions, developed by Gail Donner and Mary Wheeler, is a proven framework specific to supporting nursing and other health care professional’s careers. This online program is a great way for RPNs to help realize their career goals by taking charge of their careers and planning their futures with confidence and purpose.

The Career Directions program was officially launched at RPNAO’s AGM in September 2011, and is progressing into it's second year of operation .

To learn more about the many opportunities and directions you may take in your nursing career, listen to the Career Conversations with RPNAO members.