Award for Student Excellence

The award is presented to one practical nursing student from each Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology who best demonstrates the following criteria as determined by the college practical nursing faculty. Each facility will make their own choices:

  • Strong leadership ability
  • Self directed learning
  • Excellence in theory and clinical nursing practice
  • Professional and personal growth
  • An understanding of supporting their professional association

The Award for Student Excellence consists of an engraved plaque and a one-year membership in RPNAO. For colleges requesting more information, please contact us at 

Award for Student Excellence Recipients - Congratulations!

The 2018 Award for Student Excellence recipients are:

Lori Penner, Conestoga
Jacinda Wallace, Conestoga
Rachel Day, Fanshawe - Woodstock
Melanie Scaini, Fanshawe – London
Karlee Kotzer, Sheridan
Danielle Elgie, Conestoga
Pamela Mellon, Algonquin
Natasha Gersbach, Boreal
Kimberly McKibbon, Mowhawk
Paedra Cooper, St. Lawrence
Robert Swartz, Algonquin
Diana McCarthy, Northern
Chankunthea Lay, Algonquin
Michelle White, Loyalist
Amina Rizvanovic, Niagara
Lynn Cheney, St. Lawrence
David Cowhill, Canadore
Jennifer Doig, Sheridan
Mark Reed, Canadore
Jennifer Di Pardo, Niagara
Laura Johnston, Conestoga


The 2017 Award for Student Excellence recipients are:

Kayla Youskow, Fanshawe
Lori Hartman, Fanshawe
Sarah Thompson, Conestoga
Karen Keikkla, Northern (Haileybury)
Chantal Roy, Northern (Kirkland Lake)
Hasna Maghmouri, Boreal
Brianna Swoffer, Loyalist
Olivia Anderson, Fleming
Johanne Neal, Northern
Julia Kalyniuk, Canadore
Madison Frost, Algonquin
Margaret Shul, Algonquin
Erin Lomore, Algonquin (Ottawa Valley)
Emily Alaimo, Niagara
Danya Teshlak, Mohawk
Melanie Howitt, Mohawk
Alexander Mahoney, St. Lawrence
Victoria Bertrand, Conestoga


The 2016 Award for Student Excellence recipients are:

Melissa Kaleta, Conestoga
Grace McGinn, Confederation
Evany Mantes, Fanshawe (London)
Jennifer Parolin, Fanshawe (Woodstock)
Dimpal Patel, Conestoga
Marissa Stringer, Northern
Valerie Lapointe, Boreal
Rachel Petty, Fleming
Kelsey Demers, Algonquin
Jordan Vergette, Algonquin
Kristine Smith, Algonquin
Aislinn Varcoe, Mohawk
Lindsey Hornblower, Mohawk
Anna Kathryn Halloran, Loyalist
Shannon Hannigan, Niagara
Sharee Bugo, St Lawrence (Cornwall)
Nicholas Labord, St. Lawrence (Brockville)
Ashley Buck, St. Lawrence (Kingston)
Anastasia Ataman, Canadore
Lisa Snider, Canadore
Lisa Rotella, Niagara


The 2015 Award for Student Excellence recipients are:

Patricia Dawn Fitzgerald, Fanshawe College
Brianne Dumoulin, Fanshawe College
Zina Issach, Northern College
Kerri Ross, Norther College
Lydia Ironside, Algonquin College
Iurii Iakovenko, Conestoga College
Cynthia Crites, St. Lawrence College
Wai Ming Megan Lee, St. Lawrence College
Rose David, Boreal College
Jessica Candow, St. Lawrence College
Marissa Dean, Northern College
Shelley Robertson, Algonquin College
Chelsea Hill, Algonquin College
Trisha Bryan, Sin Sandford Fleming College
Ashlee Green, Niagara College
Kimberly Scheibenpflug, Loyalist College
Ben Taylor, Niagara College


Jaswinder Singh, Connestoga College 2012


Shannon Hannah, Loyalist College 2012


Josie Anne Thibeault, Niagara College 2012


Corina Deighton, Sir Sanford Fleming College 2012