Practice & Education

RPNAO is dedicated to creating excellence in health care through RPN optimization & utilization. Staff at RPNAO supports the delivery of programs, activities and services dedicated to the professional development of nurses and health care organizations.

Our goal is supporting nurses to provide high quality patient care through educational offerings and resources designed to provide professional development for nurses and employer consultation services to organizations as well as knowledge for health related groups. RPNAO's goal os to promote excellence in nursing practice at the individual practitioner and organizational levels.

As the expert in the diverse areas where RPNs practice and a key resource with a province wide perspective related to practice and employment trends, RPNAO takes a leadership role in creating thriving environments and outstanding practices in health care organizations by advocating and actively participating in research.

These efforts are achieved locally and across the province of Ontario through consultation services, education and professional development programs conferences and workshops that foster excellence in nursing. In addition, RPNAO participates at a national level with PN Canada as well as will other national nursing and healthcare organizations.