Welcome to RPNAOs Mentorship Program where your success is a priority. The Mentorship Program aims towards career accomplishments and satisfaction; this includes having a successful mentorship relationship. RPNAO is here to fulfill individual’s goals and aspirations.

Becoming a Mentor is a great way to assist fellow nurses in achieving their professional development goals, while also supporting your own. Each year, RPNAO helps pair experienced nurses with newer nurses to foster meaningful professional relationships, knowledge exchange and leadership growth. The Mentorship program is a great way of adhering to the professional standards of the College of Nurses and maintain your commitment to the nursing profession.

Mentors are eligible to obtain a certificate after they have completed at least 6 months of mentoring a mentee. You can add this role to your resume as a formal leadership opportunity.

The program consists of developing a longer-term relationship minimum of six months with an individual who is more experienced also known as a mentor. The mentor has the ability to provide career advice and wisdom in order to encourage the mentee. A mentee is an individual who wants to improve or in their career avenue professionally/personally and is willing to seek support.

As a Mentee you will have the opportunity to engage with an expert nurse in an area of practice that you have a desire to work in. With the support that your Mentor can provide to you, you can create a plan that will help make your career goals become a reality. Having a Mentor’s guidance and support along your journey can help you reach your fullest potential.

How to sign up and have a successful mentor and mentee relationship. The program is composed of four steps:

Step 1 Matching – Once your Mentor/Mentee Profile Form, has been accepted you will receive an email from RPNAO. This will enable you to preview and select a mentor who best fits your career journey goals.

Step 2 Connecting – Now that you have found a match, the following are some tools to help you get started on your mentorship relationship. Remember together you will make the final decision about the fit of your mutual goals, learning needs, learning style and whether in fact this is a good match.

Step 3 Sustaining - It is important to regularly check in with your mentoring partner to assess how the relationship is unfolding.

Step 4 Completing - Now that your mentorship relationship is complete and before saying thank you and goodbye take time to evaluate your learning.

If you're not a member and would like to join click here.

Before making the commitment to participate in this mentorship program we have provided some information that we hope will answer some of your questions about the program and how the matching works. If you haven’t already, we recommend that you view the mentorship online module to hear Mary Wheeler talk about how to advance your career through mentorship.


Sue Matthews, mentor & Dianne Martin, mentee

Dianne Martin, mentor & Holly Smither, mentee