What does RPNAO really do for me?

  • Paved the way for the former title ‘Registered Nursing Assistant’ to be changed to the current title, ‘Registered Practical Nurse’.
  • Led to title protection for RPNs, meaning it became legal to call ourselves ‘nurses’.
  • Led to representation for RPNs at the council of the College of Nurses. Prior to this accomplishment, RNAs were represented by an appointed RN.
  • Led to the removal of the description “that we work under the direction of an RN” from the College of Nurses Standards.
  • Helped facilitate the change from ‘certificate’ to ‘diploma’ for RPN programs at approved community colleges.
  • Include continuous lobbying of the Ministry of Health on issues of RPN utilization, full-time work, education funding, workplace violence, quality practice settings with realistic workloads, etc.
  • Include working with employers for more effective utilizations of nursing staff.
  • Include input into broader health system issues, such as pandemic preparedness, etc.
  • Include supporting RPNs with their day-to-day practice related issues, including job searches, continuing education searches, support with workplace issues, etc.
  • Led to the Ministry of Health providing fellowship support for RPN leadership opportunities.
  • And much, much more.

RPNAO also works diligently to profile and support RPNS in the Ontario media. The accompanying article from the Hamilton Spectator is one of many we’ve had published in communities all throughout Ontario this year alone.

Where RPNs and RPNAO are working on your behalf:

  • Joint Provincial Nursing Committee (JPNC)
  • JPNC Human Resource Working Group
  • JPNC Implementation Monitoring Sub-Committee
  • Canadian Nursing Advisory Committee (CNAC)
  • Workers' Safety Insurance Board (WSIB) - New Models of Care Project
  • Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) - Professional Practice Advisory Committee, Nursing Strategy Team
  • Canadian Home Care Human Resource Sector Study Steering Committee
  • Ontario Municipal Benchmarking Project (OMBP) -Long-Term Care Expert Panel
  • Best Practice Guidelines - as members of expert panels
  • College of Applied Arts and Technology (CAAT) Heads of Nursing group
  • Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) - meetings with the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care, policy advisors and senior staff including advocating on behalf of RPNs and health care funding
  • MOHLTC Nursing and Health Outcomes Project
  • College of Nurses of Ontario (CNO)
  • Nursing Education Research Unit (NRU)
  • Unions representing RPNs