RPNAO offers a volunteer opportunity and demonstrate leadership through Workplace Liaison


  • Obtain a volunteer position that will support you to improve professional development through enhancing interpersonal skills, leadership and communication skills
  • Become more involved within your professional association
  • Become updated with upcoming webinars, workshops, conferences and other activities at RPNAO


  • Promote RPNAO membership
  • Provide the benefits of membership such as but not limited to:
    • Professional Liability and Legal Assistance Insurance (PLLA)
    • Disseminate professional development opportunities
    • Special member discounts
    • Career Supports
  • Communicate with nurses about upcoming activities such as webinars, conferences and workshops
  • Share up to date information


  • Must be a member of RPNAO
  • Must be a member of CNO in good standing

Additional Information:

  • This position requires a minimum of two year of commitment
  • If interested, contact Beth McCracken, RPNAO Nursing Practice and Outreach Specialist, by e-mail at bmccracken@rpnao.org or by phone at 905-602-4664 ext. 227