RPN Colleagues,

Practical nursing education has advanced over the years to meet patient’s complexities in all sectors of the health care system. Simultaneously, there has been an increase in RPN utilization. However, in some sectors, RPNs knowledge, skill and judgment continue to be inappropriately utilized for quality care to their patients.

The Registered Practical Nursing Association of Ontario (RPNAO) has embarked on an initiative to gain a better understanding of the enablers and barriers to the utilization of RPN’s knowledge, skill and judgment for quality patient outcomes. The association has developed a survey entitled, “Utilizing RPN’s Knowledge, Skill and Judgment for Quality Patient Outcomes – 2014 RPNAO Survey.”

The purpose of this project is to elicit input from RPNs and nursing leaders across Ontario to gain their perspectives, knowledge and expertise that will address the proposed research question: What are the factors that impact Ontario’s RPNs in fully utilizing their knowledge, skills and judgment for quality patient outcomes?

The data collected from the surveys will identify the real and perceived factors that impact RPNs in optimizing their scope of practice. These findings will inform RPNAO’s lobbying and professional development programs.

The survey consists of 20 questions and should take no more than 10-15 minutes of your time to complete it. Your feedback is valuable. All the information will remain confidential. If you are not an RPN, we kindly ask for your assistance in helping us reach as many RPNs as possible by forwarding this survey to any Registered Practical Nurses that you know.

To access the questionnaire, please click here or copy/past the link (https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/YB3RGHM) directly into your web browser.

Should you have any questions please free to contact me as the Project Lead at drothwell@rpnao.org
Thank you in advance for your participation.


Donna Rothwell



Category: Education and PracticeDate: Thursday, June 26, 2014