Sleepfullness is a free mindfulness app that offers audio tracks for users to listen to guided relaxation, helping you fall sleep, confront feelings of anxiety, and work through difficult experiences.

I really like how the main page of Sleepfullness features a wheel that is organized into sections labeled “Going to Sleep”, “Waking Up”, “Can’t Sleep”, and “Daytime”. It has been helpful, because I am able to scroll through to pick a track that suits my needs at that time. The insights tab provided me with education about the importance of sleep, and provides you with the track that was most popular during the previous month among Sleepfullness users. I feel that it could be made a little more robust by adding additional information about meditation and relaxation. 

Because the app is nicely organized into categories based off users needs, I was able to pick tracks that I felt were best for me based on the theme. I do not often have trouble sleeping, so the relaxation pack was most helpful for me to focus on becoming less tense and helped me reduce anxiety. Because I am entering exam season, I have been feeling a little anxious, and have become easily distracted. What I really like about these tracks is that they help me relax by instructing me to focus on breathing, being mindful about my feelings, experiences and emotions, and it also helped me to think positively.

There are a number of tracks offered with the free download of the app, and additional track packacges can be purchased for $1.39 through in-app purchases.   

For more information, check out the sleepfullness website here: