Announcing the RPNAO Mentorship-Match Program!


As you advance your career as a RPN you are regularly faced with new challenges, expanding roles, responsibilities and enrichment opportunities. Setting realistic and strategic goals ensures you have a career by design, not by drift.

Mentorship is a powerful way to help you realize your career goals. Designed around a long-term relationship with someone having more experience and wisdom (the mentor), mentorship supports and encourages another (the mentee), as that individual grows and develops professionally and personally.

RPNAO recognizes the value of a mentor-mentee relationship, from sharing knowledge to exchanging experiences; the partnership can enhance both participants’ personal and professional development.

We’re thrilled to announce the Mentorship-Match program is now available to facilitate mentorship opportunities for RPNs interested in connection, learning, and direction, from an experienced RPN mentor.  The newly designed, user-friendly system enables both mentors and mentees to find the right match within their desired practice areas and preferences.


Become a Mentor and showcase your leadership. RPNAO is always interested in adding to its ever-growing roster of experienced RPN mentors who can share their insights and intelligence with beginner RPNs.

Become a Mentee and learn about different career paths, increase confidence, and expand your network. Applications are reviewed by RPNAO professional practice.

Interested in becoming a Mentor or Mentee? Visit the Mentorship section on or contact Norma Tomlin, Professional Practice Coordinator,

Category: Career DevelopmentDate: Tuesday, February 5, 2019