Welcome Tiff!

This January, RPNAO welcomed our newest team member, Tiff Blair. Tiff has taken on the role of Director of Policy and Communications following the departure of our long-time colleague, Searle Schonewille. Tiff joins us after spending the past four years working in provincial politics as a trusted advisor to several Cabinet Ministers. Mostly recently, she was a Senior Policy Advisor to Ontario’s Minister of Education. Prior to entering government, she spent several years as a Senior Project Officer managing programs that promoted leadership and community engagement with CivicAction, a non-profit advocacy group based in Toronto. Tiff has a Master’s degree in Public Policy from the University of Toronto. In her new role, she is looking forward to leveraging her experience in government to champion the interests of RPNs and ensure RPNAO is a government key partner as the province moves forward with transformations to Ontario’s health system. 




Category: Influencing Policy, Influencing CareDate: Tuesday, February 5, 2019