Share Your Passion. Become an RPNAO Ambassador!

Enhance your leadership skills. Strengthen your connections. Inspire and mentor your peers. Drive quality improvement.

Reaching all our Registered Practical Nurses (RPNs) and practical nursing students across the health care system in Ontario can be a challenge. And that's where you come in!

Our members are our greatest asset, and the RPNAO is offering our members a volunteer opportunity to support your RPN colleagues so they can stay on top of the ever-changing health care landscape through the sharing of relevant information including RPNAO advocacy initiatives and news, professional development opportunities, career supports, exclusive offers and savings, and more.

What's in it for you?

As a RPNAO Workplace or Student Ambassador, you'll be recognized as a leader in your organization. You can add this role to your resume as a formal leadership opportunity. Your contribution as a RPNAO Workplace or Student Ambassador demonstrates your initiative to engage with your professional association and the value you place on professional practice. You will learn about effective advocacy and through peer support, ultimately bring those skills to your patients and your organization. You'll also enjoy access to exclusive career development and networking opportunities.


Read the Ambassador Role Description. To become a RPNAO Workplace or Student Ambassador, complete the Ambassador Application and submit to (NOTE: This form works best with anything BUT chrome! If you have any submission problems, please copy all your hard work and paste it into an email for us at and send it that way). Thanks! RPNAO

Need to know more or have more questions? email