RPNs play a key leadership role in supporting client continence across healthcare sectors. To support continued RPN knowledge and leadership development in the area of continence care, RPNAO is pleased to offer bursaries for RPNs to attend the 12th Canadian National Conference on Incontinence in Niagara Falls, ON, April 30th and May 1st 2018.
Each bursary will cover conference registration, accommodation (at the conference rate), travel and meals (in accordance with RPNAO meal allowance guidelines). There are 4 bursaries available.
Funding Criteria: A RPN must be supported by an Executive Sponsor from the organization in which the RPN works. The Executive sponsor must indicate how the RPN will be supported to share learning from the conference to improve continence care at the organization.
Expression of Interest Requirements: Please submit a brief (500 word max.) expression of interest including:
• who the proposed RPN attendee is
• the RPN’s leadership experience and career goals, particularly related to continence care
• how the RPN will be supported to share conference learning to improve continence care in the organization
Reporting: RPNAO requests a brief report (maximum 500 words) within 6 months of conference attendance, summarizing the RPN professional development experience and outlining application of learning to continence care improvement.
Timeline: Expression of interest must be received by 1600 hrs on March 23, 2018. Organizations will be informed of decision by March 28, 2018
For more information please contact Barbara Jones, RPNAO Director, Nursing Innovation at bjones@rpnao.org