RPNAO held a Role Clarity Symposium on September 26, 2014 to an audience of nearly 60  nursing leaders from coast to coast! The Role Clarity Symposium was a great success and  we’re happy to say that we’ve had great positive feedback. At the Role Clarity Symposium,  researchers Dr. Sara Lankshear and Dr. Janet Rush delivered the findings from our report  entitled “It’s All About Synergies: Understanding the Role of the Registered Practical Nurse in Ontario’s Health Care System” including an in depth discussion of the resources and strategies offered in the report.

Most nursing leaders told us that the session was very useful; specifically the review of the project and survey findings, dispelling myths about the role of the RPN, refocusing on patient care needs, discussion on the overlapping scopes of practice, trying out the strategies and resources, and measuring success in team functioning and positive patient outcomes.

At the Role Clarity Symposium RPNAO announced our request for proposals (RFPs) for field testing the strategies and resources from the report and we were pleased to have an overwhelming response of letters of intent submitted. This phase of the project is entitled “Strategies and Initiatives for Implementing and Evaluating Role Clarity Resources” and is slated for completion by March 2016. Organizations interested in implementing and measuring the effectiveness of one or more of the key learnings or practical strategies outlined in the report were asked to submit a proposal. The three areas of focus that the field studies should address are:


  1. Determining the factors that contribute to role confusion: using the resources to identify the distinct and overlapping RPN scope of practice and assess team perspectives and knowledge.
  2. Improving teamwork: using the resources to enhance healthy workplaces, intra- and inter-team collaboration, understanding, partnering, and innovation.
  3. Optimizing care delivery: using the resources to optimize RPN functioning, effective nursing team communication, and consultation.

We are hoping to host additional role clarity sessions in a variety of delivery methods in 2015 in response to requests from across the province. If you are interested in participating in a session on role clarity because you were unable to attend the Role Clarity Symposium or because you want to know more about implementing the resources and strategies outlined in the report, please contact us via email at roleclarity@rpnao.org.

Category: Education and PracticeDate: Friday, November 14, 2014