RPNAO’s political action alerts let Ontario’s RPNs speak with a strong, unified voice

Sometimes it’s necessary for Ontario’s 50,000 Registered Practical Nurses to speak to the government with a strong, unified voice. That’s why we’ve launched a new and improved political action alert system, which enables you and thousands of your nursing colleagues to forward messages directly to the Premier, the Health Minister, the Opposition Health Critics, and other government leaders about urgent issues that concern you and your patients.

This is how our political action alerts work. When we identify an urgent issue – or when our members tell us something that they want government to know about immediately – we craft a notification that we send to our members' email accounts. The notification identifies the issue and provides our members with a link to a simple webform that allows them to input their own names and email addresses. In a matter of hours – or even in a few minutes – our government leaders will know that hundreds, or even thousands, of Ontario’s RPNs want them to take action on an issue of importance to you and your patients.

If you’ve been an RPNAO member for more than a few months, you’ve likely already seen our political action alert system being put to good use. During Nursing Week 2017, in response to ongoing attacks against Ontario’s RPNs aimed at eliminating them from hospitals and restricting their practice in other health sectors, we sent an urgent notification to our members and friends of RPNs asking them to send our political action alert message to government leaders to demand that they continue to publicly support our nurses. This short campaign was a resounding success. As soon as the notification was emailed to our members, RPNs and friends of RPNs began sending the pre-written advocacy message directly to the government recipients, resulting in approximately 3,000 sends in the first 48 hours and over 6,500 sends over the course of the two-week campaign, including hundreds of sends from RNs in Ontario united in opposition to the attacks against their nursing colleagues.

As the number of RPNs continues to increase in our province to meet the needs of a growing and aging population, your voice will be needed more than ever. Parliamentarians from all the political parties need to know what you think about the issues that impact how you practice and how your patients receive nursing care. We want them to hear our collective voice growing progressively louder. So when we send you our next political action alert – whenever that may be – please make sure that you and your nursing colleagues answer our call.

The government needs to hear our voice.