Starting or making improvements to your career can be very confusing and challenging. How  do we know we are making the best decision about our future? What is out there to help us?  How does RPNAO support our careers? These are some of the questions RPNAO is asked on  a regular basis.

Career Directions was developed by donnerwheeler to support RPNs to realize their career goals. The modules provide guidance to take an in-depth look at your career and find the direction that will be the best fit for you. Each module includes tools and activities to keep track of your findings and assist in realizing your goals. When we write out our goals and strategies we are more likely to follow through with our plan.

Realizing your goals is the first step to begin any career journey. The second step is finding resources to support you in reaching these goals. RPNAO offers our Mentorship Program as a benefit for our members to assist RPNs to advance their career. Becoming a mentor or requiring a mentor is a supportive way to reach your career goals. A mentor has the knowledge and wisdom to guide someone who is a novice in their area of expertise. This opportunity enables the mentor to discover their own contribution to nursing as a profession while supporting their mentee to successfully become the RPN of their dreams.

For further support please contact Heidi Birks RPN, Professional Practice Associate at RPNAO.

Category: Career DevelopmentDate: Thursday, March 3, 2016