At RPNAO, we’re committed to connecting with our members in creative and meaningful ways. That's why we're thrilled to have lauched a new  online space for RPNs across the province to connect and discuss ideas, collaborate together and contribute to nursing innovation and excellence in professional practice. In addition to providing a forum for RPNs to come together, the HUB will be the epicentre of RPNAO’s Innovation and Impact work.

We have exciting plans ahead! Over the coming months, we’ll be launching

  • Idea challenges – Check out the Self-Care Challenge on the Hub right now
  • Funding opportunities for professional practice and innovation projects – 2 are launching in Nursing Week
  • Calls for research proposals
  • Online communities
  • Interactive polls

How do I get started?

As an RPNAO member, you can login in with your member information. If you aren’t a RPNAO member, it’s easy to Register to use the HUB.  Once you sign in, you can start or contribute to a discussion topic, share ideas, and vote on the ideas you like. The hub uses gaming technology that allows you to accumulate points. The more you contribute—the more points you gain and the stronger the online RPN community becomes.

Building points builds a community – Come and check out the HUB!