This self-care app has helped me keep track of my food intake based on my weight and height; it has set a recommended daily caloric intake to help me achieve and maintain a healthy weight.  On days that I go over the recommended amount, I try to balance it with some additional exercises.  Since starting to use the app I am more conscious of what I eat and how it affects my overall health, I check my weight every other day which is something I used to avoid.   I am seeing small gains – lost two pounds the first week and one and a half pounds the following week; I need to step up the exercise!  I was relieved to find that I can eat more than I thought and still stay within the recommended caloric allowance; I don’t feel hungry throughout the day.   One of the things I like most about the app is that I am able to enter the amount of calories burned from other exercises like riding the stationary bike.  Although, the food library has a lot of choices, I feel there could be more foods added and it should allow users to enter foods not found in the library – difficult to do the calorie count of foods not found in the app. This app can sync with Apple’s Healthkit or Android’s Google Fit.  Overall, I think this is a great app for nurses trying to maintain a healthy weight and live healthier lifestyles.

GOLD members get added features like daily average macros, macros by meal, top food choices, calories burned, and a clean eating guide, which I believe would be beneficial to nurses who are quite busy with their schedules.  GOLD members may choose one of three options - $44.99/year plan, 6-months plan for $19.99 or a 1-month plan for $9.99. 

For mroe information about MyPlate, visit their website at: