Welcome to Mental Well-Being

Part of the Self-Care for Nurses RPNAO Education. Please take the time to participate in our three modules below.


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Mental Well-Being Resources: 

Stress & Coping:

              Nurses’ Health Program: A program established to help nurses struggling with substance use and/or mental illness.
              eMentalHealth: Community supports with services that may be available to assist with stress.
              mindyourmind: An overview of managing school related stress.
              mindyourmind: A downloadable PDF with tips to reduce stress. 
              mindyourmind: An overview of the impact of stress on your diet.
              mindyourmind: Learn how to do a Stress Assess, to evaluate your stress.


                            Centre for Addiction and Mental Health: A downloadable PDF that outlines community mindfulness programs that are available in Ontario.  
                            Mindfulness Toronto: An organization which connects mindfulness-based professionals, and contains direct links to mindfulness courses and programs.

                            Government of Canada: Resources to support mental health and resilience provided by the Government of Canada Public Health Services. 
                            eMentalHealth: Community supports that may be available for developing resiliency.