Lumosity is a free app that allows users to play fun brain-training games developed by scientists and game designers to promote cognitive health. As nurses we know that it’s important that we stay sharp, and I feel that these games have helped me do this. I like the way the games are broken down into various categories. It has helped me pick which skills to improve, whether it’s attention, problem solving, mental speed and flexibility, or my language and math skills. I play some games more often, because each game focuses on these skills and I like to improve the ones that I am weaker at to help me improve in those areas.

As a free user 3 daily games are available, and I felt that there was enough variety because the games change every day, and can be played as many times as desired. As a free user I took a test that analyzed my cognitive stats in each category, and let me see my unique “Lumosity Performance Index” score which helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses. Each game offered me a tutorial on how to play, and games were able to be paused, quit, or restarted at any time without affecting my personal stats.

I think that the premium features would be beneficial and seem quite interesting. Premium provides access to all of the Lumosity games, and would allow me to compare my stats to other Lumosity users, track my performance trends, and offers insights into my strengths and weaknesses. Lumosity Premium also provides monthly analytics to track progression, which I think would be quite helpful and intriguing to view. The Premium version is available for $16.99/monthly or $84.99/year which works out to $7.08/month, and promotional offers with discounted rates are offered regularly. This app is a great fit for any nurse looking to maintain their cognitive health, and continue to develop their cognitive skills.

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