App Review: Headspace

Headspace is a free mindfulness app that focuses on positively altering the way we think, and the way we experience meditation. The app consists of categories with recorded tracks that guide users through mindfulness and meditation exercises. I think it’s great for users who are new to mindfulness and meditation, but would also greatly benefit those who may have some experience engaging in similar self-care activities.

I thought that this app was great for nurses, because there is such a wide variety of tracks for a range of emotions that we often experience as nurses. With twelve categories, there is something for everyone. Categories include: Stress & anxiety, Life challenges, Work productivity, Falling asleep & waking, and Physical health and more.

My favorite part about this app is that it strayed away from the idea that when we meditate “thinking is failing”. The creators of headspace guide users through meditations helping us understand that our minds sometimes do wander while meditating, but that doesn’t mean that we have to give up. I had tried meditating in the past, but quickly gave up because I was easily distractible. These tracks helped me effectively shift my focus back to the mindfulness activity, and reminded me that it’s okay to stumble as I learn to clear my mind, and focus on meditation.

Another feature that many nurses may find useful is the “Sleep” section of the app. It is no secret that nurses often have sporadic schedules, and this can make it difficult to develop regular sleep patterns. If you feel that time gets away from you, the sleep section of the app allows you to set gentle reminders for your desired bed-time, while the tracks in this section provide calming music or exercises that help aid sleep.  

There are a number tracks that are offered for free, however to get access to the comprehensive library of tracks a monthly subscription is required. If these tracks are something that you would use regularly, there is definitely value in the subscription due to the comprehensive number of tracks available. Monthly fee’s cost $17.99, but if users choose annual billing it works out to be $10.83 per month. 

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