This free app is an online personal journal that has allowed me to set goals and learn to effectively reflect on events and experiences from not only my personal life but also my nursing career.   I tend to dwell on things that did not go well, instead of focusing on the positives.  I am glad that I have started to recognize more of the positive experiences in my life.   I find the Gratitude exercise especially helpful as it reminds me to be more appreciative and learn from my mistakes.  The “best possible future” section is particularly inspiring because it has helped me create a vision of what I want to achieve in the future which will be a daily reminder and motivation towards achieving these goals. “Meaning in Work,” is also great, because it has made me realize the impact of my work on both my patients and colleagues as well reflect on my unique skills.  The “Could be Worse” entry has helped me realize how fortunate I am for taking the RPN program, otherwise I would have been stuck in jobs that were not as meaningful.  I believe the “Savouring” and “Three Good Things” entries could be equally useful in creating awareness about the positives but I focused on the sections that stood out to me more based on my experiences.

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