A day for RPNs to focus on self-care, leadership development and finding the joy in work.


DATE: March 26, 2019   TIME: 0800-1630hr   LOCATION:    Centre for Health and Safety Innovation 5110 Creekbank Rd, Mississauga, ON L4W 0A1


COST:     FREE*   *a valid credit card is required for registration, IF THE REGISTRANT DOES NOT attend, a $100.00 fee (plus HST*) will be processed. 

 Travel reimbursement if traveling more than 150km one way to the event may be available. Accommodation if required will be pre-approved by RPNAO and booked directly by RPNAO (with no exception).





 Welcome- Dianne Martin, CEO RPNAO 


 Dr. Michelle Acorn, Provincial Chief Nursing Officer and Colleen Walsh, Senior Policy Analyst.
 Office of the Provincial Chief Nursing Officer, Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care


 Workplace Realities, Dianne Martin, CEO, RPNAO


 Serenity & Vitality, Mindfulness - Michelle Cooper


 Yoga Break


 Finding the Joy in Work (Holly Byrne)


 Lunch- Room 1                                                   Room 2 - Working Lunch

Breakout Sessions


Tools to Address the Stress

(using technology to support de-escalation and self-care)


Address the Stress by Igniting the Leadership Spark

(this workshop with be held for 20 pre-approved applicants -

see details below)


De-Escalation Techniques

(Sharon Foster)


RPNAO Leadership Development Pathway –

Career Directions© Leadership Workshop (Norma Tomlin & Mary Wheeler)


What’s new in Self-Care Apps?

(JP Munro/Samantha Salatino)






The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has identified that clinical burnout is well documented and an outcome impacting job satisfaction for health care providers. Likewise, during the RPNAO Innovation Tour, Ontario’s RPNs informed us that now more than ever there are multiple stressors in the health care environment that effect nurses’ health, both physically and psychologically.

As nurses, we know that we need to focus on self-care to ensure we can provide optimal care for those under our care. This day provides RPNs education, leadership opportunities and learning how to care for one’s self. It will: 


Focus on Restoring and Maintaining Health

Enhance Knowledge and Skills

Provide Resources and Supports


Workplace Realities

Dianne Martin, CEO, RPNAO

Dianne provides an overview of the realities that RPNs are facing in their practice environments and will review the findings from our recent survey that describe the multiple factors creating stress and impact nurses practice.



Michelle Cooper, Courage Group International

Michelle will provide an opportunity for RPNs to learn how to lead and succeed in the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment that is the new norm.


Finding the Joy in Work

Holly Byrne, RPN

With clinical burnout well documented and an outcome impacting job satisfaction, the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) has developed a program called the Joy in Work that specifically supports the quadruple aim focus on improving clinician experience. Holly will provide an overview of the Joy in Work Framework that RPNAO will use as a foundation for RPNs and RPN employers to engage in projects to find the joy in their work that aligns with quality improvement of the quadruple aim. 


       Afternoon Workshops 

STREAM ONE: Tools to Address the Stress

During the innovation tour, nurses indicated the need for more supports for workplace violence prevention, in particular de-escalation strategies and a greater focus on nurse well-being and self-care.


De-Escalation Techniques:

Sharon Foster, RPN

Literature demonstrates that having supportive programs available for nurses can enhance the ability to manage complex clinical dilemmas with more confidence and helps to create emotional resilience. This session is an interactive program that includes supporting nurses to recognize behaviours that can potentially escalate and ways to safely de-escalate a situation when it occurs. The session requires participants to bring their cell phones to learn interactive way to de-escalate situations, participants will also engage in interactive scenarios to use the techniques learned in this session. 


What’s New in Self-care Apps?

JP Munro, RPN & Samantha Salatino, RPN

The RPNAO Innovation Tour Focus group data aligned with the literature that identified that due to the nature of shift work, working weekends and holidays, and a frequently asynchronous non-traditional work schedule, nurses expressed difficulty finding self-care activities that match their interests or fit with their lifestyle (Kravits, K., McAllister-Black, R., Grant< M., & Kirk, C., 2008). This session will provide RPNs with an overview of many Apps to support self-care. The apps that will be discussed have all been reviewed and participants have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits.


Stream Two: Addressing the Stress by Igniting the Leadership Spark

RPNAO Leadership Development Pathway RPNAO Leadership  

Facilitator: Norma Tomlin, RPN & Mary Wheeler RN, MEd, Certified Ontological Coach

This workshop is designed for RPNs who have identified a career goal of finding a formal leadership opportunity. Using the Career Directions© program and additional career coaching support, interested participants will be provided an excellent opportunity to start their career plan. By the end of the workshop each participants will have developed a strategic career plan and will be offered a one hour group coaching follow-up session co-facilitated by the RPNAO Career Advisor Norma Tomlin RPN and Mary WheelerThe RPNAO Professional Practice Associates will also continue to support the participants as they work towards achieving their career goals.

*** PLEASE NOTE,  for stream two, Addressing the Stress by Igniting the Leadership Spark you must complete  a PDF icon SUPPLEMENT APPLICATION  by March 8th 2019 along with registration*  Applications can be emailed to 


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