If you are interested in sponsoring the 2018 RPNAO 60th anniversary Annual General Meeting and Conference, please contact Alison Toscano by email or by phone at 905-415-2220 x257 

Diamond Sponsor

Johnson Inc.Johnson Inc.

As a member of the Registered Practical Nurses Association of Ontario (RPNAO), you can take advantage of Johnson Inc.’s Preferred Service Home-Auto Plan.

Johnson Inc. is a national provider of insurance and benefits. With origins dating back more than 125 years, Johnson Inc. has more than 1300 employees in over 70 locations across the country. The company prides itself on offering award-winning customer service and has been recognized as the world leader in customer relationship management. Headquartered in St. John’s, NL, Johnson Inc. is one of Canada’s leading and fastest growing providers of insurance.

Visit Johnson Inc. online at www.johnson.ca/rpnao or call 1-877-632-2965 for a no-obligation quote on your home or auto insurance. To ensure your savings, please provide our group ID code which is available either by speaking with a receptionist at RPNAO or found under the Members Only area of the website.

Platinum Sponsor

Baird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LPBaird MacGregor Insurance Brokers LP


Baird MacGregor, the RPNAO’s broker of choice, has been delivering a well-crafted comprehensive Professional Liability insurance program to RPNAO’s members since 1986. At Baird MacGregor, we are committed to accountability, consistency, innovation and excellence in all that we do. We have specialized in providing cost-effective insurance and unique risk management solutions since 1979 and are proud of our long standing partnership with the RPNAO.

The RPNAO membership includes Professional Liability Insurance protection for all members of the RPNAO, should they receive notification from the College of Nurses that they have committed a fault, error, omission or negligent act, while rendering health or social services, within the profession of nursing.

Every practicing nurse needs this insurance to help protect their career, as well as their assets and livelihoods. The value of having this insurance at any stage in your career as a nurse is crucial. Not only does this demonstrate professionalism, but it provides you with the peace of mind in knowing you are protected. As a member, subject to policy terms and conditions, you are covered everywhere that you may practice nursing in Ontario with insurance that exceeds the requirements of the College of Nurses.

For membership information please contact the RPNAO at 905-602-4664 / 1-877-602-4664. Brochures are available upon request.

Gold Sponsor


Unifor - Ontario Health Care Council

On Labour Day 2013, we brought together two strong unions, the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP), to create a new union for a new era.

We formed Unifor as an act of hope, that together we could ensure that good jobs, economic progress, equality and social justice can be achieved for us and for our children.

Unifor is the largest private-sector union in the country, and yet one in every six of our 305,000 members is a public sector worker. Nearly 30,000 members work in health care in hospitals, long-term care facilities, emergency medical services, community services, social services and in home care.

Unifor represents workers in every sector of the Canadian economy, and our diversity is one of our strengths. That means that when we speak about issues that are important for health care, like renewing the national Health Accord, preserving and improving public hospital services, or fighting creeping privatization, we have support from a broad spectrum of Canadians who recognize the value of Medicare. Our entire union thanks you for the work you do and the contributions you make to provide us with a world class health care system.





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Silver Sponsor


Innomar Strategies

At Innomar Strategies, we are united in our responsibility to create healthier futures.  With over 140 clinics and more than 400 nurses across the country, we are the leading specialty patient support provider in Canada.

We partner closely with manufacturers, healthcare providers, pharmacies and payers to ensure patients have consistent and reliable access to specialty medication.

The patient is at the heart of everything we do.  With our integrated approach and commitment to best-in-class care, Innomar Strategies helps navigate the patient journey to optimize healthier outcomes. 

Visit us at www.innomar-strategies.com.

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Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan

The Healthcare of Ontario Pension Plan (HOOPP) is a defined benefit pension plan. Our mission is to deliver on our pension promise to our more than 339,000 healthcare workers in Ontario.

As a defined benefit or DB plan, our pension is based on a formula. Members make regular contributions over the length of their career. When they retire, they receive a defined benefit: a monthly income based on how much they earned and how many years they contributed. Once members begin receiving their benefits they receive it for life - they will not outlive their pension.

Visit us at www.hoopp.com

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Georgian College 

Georgian’s leadership in co-op, student work experience and entrepreneurship education can accelerate your learning, your career and your future.

We offer a variety of full-time, part-time, online and blended learning options for Nursing diplomas, degrees, and post-graduate certificates.

With hundreds of Nursing students graduating from our programs each year we also recruit both RNs and RPNs to support nursing education in classroom and practicum settings!

Visit us at www.georgiancollege.ca


Hospice Palliative Care Ontario 

Hospice Palliative Care Ontario (HPCO) is a provincial association which provides leadership on behalf of its members by informing policy and promoting awareness, education, knowledge transfer and best practices in the pursuit of quality hospice palliative care in Ontario. Our members include nurses, social workers, case managers, palliative care specialists, family physicians, therapists, palliative care educators, hospices, long-term care homes, palliative care programs and hospitals. HPCO envisions a future where every person and family in the province of Ontario can quickly and easily access the finest standard of hospice palliative care when required.

Visit us at www.hpco.ca

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